"Interim Manager - Sales Manager - Operations Manager - New Mobility Advisor"

Who is NeOFleet MObility for and what are its missions?

NeOFleet MObility assists company managers, whatever the sector, on issues of new mobility, fleet management, energy transition, and particularly those of the automotive ecosystem in the broadest sense.

Whether you are a start-up, SME, ETI, SSE, subsidiaries of large groups, public authorities or professional organizations, its founder, Philippe Huillard, brings you his operational knowledge as well as his know-how.

As an interim manager, he engages in sales and operations management functions. For example:

  • Definition of the business strategy and its implementation
  • Sales development and partnership setup
  • Operational creation and development of new activities from scratch
  • Optimisation of operational management
  • Cross-functional management, change management of organisations

Thanks to a career in various management positions in the Automotive industry, he brings you his expertise in B2B B2C services, knowledge of customer needs (UX), and his extensive network.

A diversity of experiences acquired in large groups, SMEs, and start-ups, which has allowed him to develop his ability to adapt in constantly changing contexts.

In addition to his extensive knowledge of the automotive sector, Philippe Huillard has real know-how in change management and cross management, enriched by extensive managerial practices, which he can transpose to different sectors of activity.

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Its founder

Philippe Huillard holds a postgraduate degree in General Management MBA from ESSEC (2009) and from IFAG (Business school & management information technology).

He puts at your disposal his extensive knowledge of the Automotive ecosystem, through more than 25 years of experience with customers and networks in the world of BtoBtoC services.

During the creation of new activities and the development of partnerships with automotive manufacturers, he has built up real know-how in cross-functional management, organization and change management.

Passionate about vintage cars, the evolution of mobility and retro-tourism, he is a member of an automobile club and various professional networks.

In 2018, he naturally created NeOFleet MObility to provide companies of all sizes with his know-how and his network.