Sales Management outsourced in timeshare

Business Development

  • Development of direct and indirect networks
  • Sales team support for BtoB development
  • Franchise network development
  • Partnership network development

Business Launch

  • Support for tenders for products, services and services for long-term leasing and fleet management

Development of service offers

  • Creation, organization of white labels
Icone mobility NeoFleetMobility

Sales management

  • Diagnosis, Sales Action Plan, KPIs
  • Building a business strategy based on precise objectives
  • Knowing how to target and reach prospects, using the customer portfolio
  • Knowing how to stand out from the competition with an offer and powerful arguments
  • Conducting a sales meeting
  • Recruitment support for the sales team

Change management

  • Creation of relevant sales and operational management tools (sales support tools)
  • Creation of sales training courses on products and services for cars, motorcycles and LCVs.
  • Organizational Analysis : Sales Management, Customer Services, Multichannel Customer Relationship Center.
  • Identification of areas for improvement in customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Cost reduction
  • Re-ingeniering offers
  • Back-office reorganization
  • Sales process optimization
  • Training Reingeniering